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EFY Medley - This well known medley of "As Sisters In Zion/We'll Bring The World His Truth" can be purchased on CD or as sheet music in a songbook. The CD is fabulous as it has many other hymn variations done by the same person, Michael Hicks. I actually know Michael personally from when I was an EFY counselor. What a powerful guy! His CDs are highly recommended.
America's Choir - Dubbed "America's Choir" by President Ronald Regan, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will celebrate 75 years of continual broadcast. From its earliest beginning, just a few months after the pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, to its prestige as a world-renowned choir courted by concert halls in the most sophisticated cities across the globe, the Choir has a unique and fascinating story, now told in words and images by author Heidi S. Swinton and on film by Lee Groberg. Available in book or CD format.
Aaron Edson
- Another LDS musician that I know! Aaron and I went to high school together. I remember him always being into music and that has obviously transferred into his professional life. His first album "Wondering" is excellent. It contains the "6 B's song" which is probably his most well-known song off of that album. He's allowed me to give access to it as a download on this site. Enjoy! His latest and even more succesful is directing the movie/musical series called "Liken the Scriptures." He's one talented dude!
LDS church music site - Did you know that the church has a new music site online? I just found out myself and am including it in this list because it is very cool! You can download hymns and primary songs as MP3s with both music and vocals or with just the music. There is also an "Interactive Church Music Player" which allows you to play a hymn, adjusting the tempo, pitch, and adding or pulling the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass parts. This is a great learning tool! See what MP3 Players are available.
EFY Albums - I fell in love with the EFY albums at College. I've since worked a number of sessions as a counselor for EFY and only came to love them more. Check out the EFY index I've created. Or, you could just go for the "Best of EFY" albums one, two, or three.
80 Most Requested LDS Songs - Hmmm... I wonder what they are! This print music is a top seller on LDS living and includes piano/vocal arrangements of the songs.
Paul Cardall - OK, I don't know Paul personally, but his hymn renditions are great! I purchased both Vol 1 and Vol 2 for my Mom as a mother's Day present. Great Stuff! Evidently there is also a songbook available.
MOTAB - Of course I had to include some Mormon Tabernacle Choir!


MP3 LDS Resources - The Church recently announced that it has made a number of resources available in MP3 format. This includes General Conference as well as the scriptures, scripture study materials, church magazines, teachings of Presidents of the Church, and music including the hymns and music produced by the Church for movies, sound tracks, and special events. The 174th Semiannual General Conference - October 2004 will shortly have those files available. Keep checking! Need an MP3 player to play those files?


Write a missionary online - There are a number of missions that now allow you to email your missionary. But just in case you still can't, you may want to try the Dear Elder site.
Become a missionary Pen Pal - You can do this from the same Dear Elder site. I've never done it personally, but seems interesting!
Missionary ties - Looking for ties with Moroni on them or maybe just the CTR symbol? There are quite a few different varieties.


CTR rings - What kind are you looking for? They are all here!
Tiny-Ties Onesies - OK, these were just too cute to pass up! I just had to post a link to them. Makes a great unique gift at baby showers!
Modest Prom Dresses - I've decided that everything imaginable is available on the Internet! You just have to find it. Yes, this site has a section dedicated to Modest Prom Dresses.
EFY Clothes and Stuff - Found here.
Stuff for the guys - Tie pins, oil vials, and ties.


Scriptures on Palm - Found a great site for downloading these. It is found here.
Settlers of Zarahemla - This really is a rip-off of the popular Settler of Cattan game. Although I have never played Settlers of Zarahemla, I love Settlers of Cattan, and they are almost identical.


Youth Chat - A very nice low-key chat and discussion board that I found - - It seems pretty simple to use.
LSD Singles - If you are over 18, then LDS singles might be more your style. I used this site back in my single days and actually made a good number of friends through this service.


EFY home page -There are tons of EFY sites out there for many different tribes, groups, and so on. I've put together an EFY home page that will direct you to the "main" CES EFY page as well as other useful EFY locations. - Another site that I've put together. This one obviously is based on EFY photos. It's a place where participants can view and share photos of EFY.
EFY Memories - Yet another site of mine! This one is a bit older, but it's fun to see what was said and done at EFY. It brings back those feelings and memories of EFY.



Vintage Books of Mormon - I'm amazed at how many vintage Books of Mormon are available on Ebay! Every time I look, there is almost always at least one real old one. They usually go for a pretty high price, as would be assumed. Wouldn't that be great to have one displayed in your home? Maybe some day.
1830 Book of Mormon Replica - Well, if you don't have the cash for an actual 1830 version, maybe a replica version would do. It's at a much more reasonable price!
Missionary Book of Mormon - This is the basic version that missionaries currently use to give out to their investigators. They are sold through the LDS church distribution center for 2 bucks or so. Many different languages are available. The Online Distribution Center is really neat all together, if you haven't seen it yet.
Order or Renew the Ensign Online - Yes, that is also now available online. How nice!
General Conference - Conference talks are available for download in MP3 format on the church's web site. You can also access them as text. The archive currently goes back to 1997. This section seems to be updated regularly. See what MP3 Players are available.
Scriptures and Marking Tools - Some basics include color markers, color pencils, and color pencil refills and the scriptures themselves. All available here.
LDS Gems by E-mail - Receive quotes from the Latter-Day prophets delivered to your email inbox each day. I've been receiving them for over a year now. How inspiring!


Book of Mormon Reference Companion - This companion brings together, all under one cover, more than 900 entries addressing 1500 Book of Mormon topics, including people, places, words, phrases, doctrines, purposes, themes, historical background, Isaiah chapter reviews, books of the Book of Mormon, and general topics of interest.
Work and The Glory - Of course these are available for purchase online. What are there... 9 volumes?!
Small and Simple Things - A wonderful book by Sister Hinckley. How we all love and miss her!
The Essential Mormon Cookbook - Green Jell-O, Funeral Potatoes, and Other Secret Combinations. Ha ha... that kinda makes me laugh... but I kinda want to get it too!
LDS Talk Books - 100 Talk Thoughts for LDS Youth.


I would love to hear from you! - This reference page is still a work in progress, so I would love to hear your suggestions and comments!! Tell me what's good and what's not worth our time. Email me.


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